Tactic orders

In addition to the club kit we keep at the bar (Black Jerseys, White Jerseys and Black Gilets), club kit can be ordered ordered via the Tactic website during specific order windows which will be posted on Facebook. Each kit order window will generally be open for approximately 2 weeks (exact details will be in the Facebook event).

Ordering direct from Tactic will take longer and generally be more expensive once postage is taken into account, but is useful for those items/sizes we don't stock at the bar.

How will you know a kit order has been opened?

Watch out for the VSCC Kit Order events that will be posted on the Valley Striders CC Facebook page when a kit order is opened. The event will include the opening and closing dates and will reference this page.

How to place an order?

Go to the Tactic Team Store website http://www.tactic-sport.com/en/team-store/
and then enter the Team Store Code listed in the Facebook event to access the VSCC specific store.

If you have an existing account and have ordered from Tactic before, your email address and password should work as normal. If you have not ordered before you will need to create a new account once you are in the team store. Orders are placed by each club member using their account within the team store and orders will be delivered individually. Payment can be made by debit card or PayPal using the PayPal platform (no account required).

Naming and Sizing

All Jerseys are Men's and Women's specific and come in 2 fits:
Sunny Day = Regular Fit
Hard Day = Slim Fit
All Gilets are Unisex and a single fit.

Tactic's size chart is here: https://www.tactic-sport.com/en/pages/size-chart
Our rep advises anyone between sizes to go for the larger size. Please note that as the kit is made to order, items purchased in error cannot be returned.


Our Tactic Rep is Craig Battersby, Tactic's UK Distribution Manager, anyone with specific questions can contact him direct via email craig@tactic-sport.com or phone 07908 503751

How long will my order take?

The manufacturing of kit starts when the kit order closes. This includes cutting and printing of the fabric panels in the Tactic factory in Girona, before they are sent out locally to be stitched together, and on their return go through quality control.

This process normally takes 8 weeks, before it is then shipped out direct to you (we anticipate to approximately 1 week for delivery).

What is available to order?

Black and White Jerseys, Men's and Women's, 2 fits.
Black and White Jerseys Windbreaker Gilets, Unisex, 1 fit.
Black Bib shorts, Men's and Women's with a choice of 3 pads
(generally, the more expensive the pad, the better it will be in terms of comfort and support on longer rides).