Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the AGM online?
    We moved to hosting the AGM during the Covid-19 pandemic and found this worked well, so we will continue with this post pandemic. This practice is in line with many other local clubs who have moved their AGMs to be online. It is easier to schedule in an online meeting, especially for those with family commitments.
  2. Why do we use Facebook for communication?
    Our continued use of Facebook is based on our requirements, see VSCC Communication Platform Requirements on the Policies page
  3. Why is our main Facebook group open to non members?
    Our Valley Striders CC group is the main portal for the club, so it useful to enable potential new members find out more about the club, and hopefully then join. It is also how potential new members find out about upcoming rides and sign up for their 2 free taster rides. Keeping the main group public also allows selected service providers to communicate directly with the club.
  4. Why do we have varying start times, start points for rides?
    During the Covid-19 pandemic we needed to move away from all rides starting at the same point, at the same time. Our Ride Leaders showed great flexibility in providing rides starting at different times and from different locations, and the feedback we received suggested that there were advantages in both cases, so we have decided to retain this flexibility.
    Starting rides earlier than 18:30 on a Wednesday makes us more accessible to those riders who don't like to cycle in the dark (and have proved very popular), whilst we retain 18:30 rides for those that cannot get away from work etc earlier.
    Starting rides other than at the Bar on Park Lane on a Wednesday means we don't have to get a whole group across the Ring Road during rush hour, which no one enjoys.
  5. Why do we offer occasional Wednesday daytime rides during Winter?
    These enhance our club offering by giving the opportunity of a club ride to members who do not want to cycle in the dark (or have family commitments in the evening).
    In fact, we give our Ride Leaders the flexibility to post rides outside of the standard times as individual circumstances dictate (Summer and Winter), so you could find daytime or evening rides posted on other weekdays than a Wednesday, e.g. if Wednesday is a bad weather day.
  6. Why are there some rides involving club members and Ride Leaders not official club events?
    All our wonderful Ride Leaders are volunteers and we appreciate the time and effort they put into club rides. If a Ride Leader wants just to ride with friends that's great too, the friendship groups formed within the club are an indication that the club is successfully bringing cyclists together. If they want to show off their lovely VSCC jerseys, mudflaps etc. that's also fine.