Warrior League

The Warrior League is a VSCC members only league. The league is to help motivate you and encourage you to join events and push yourself for points throughout the year. Points are then converted at the end of the season at the annual Christmas party where we can all celebrate and look back on a great season.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a climbing goat, a racing snake or a coffee and cake rider, the league caters for all parties and can help push you.

Join via our (Closed) Facebook group. Please click Here

12 in 12 League

Our ’12 in 12′ league is a VSCC members only league challenging you to complete 12,000 kilometres (that’s 7,456 miles) in 12 months. For those busy people with jobs, families, PhDs, frustrated partners etc, we’ve introduced ‘6 in 12’ league table, giving you a target to complete 6,000 kilometres in 12 months. We use a (closed) Strava group to record data collected via your GPS devices. On a monthly basis the league owner (John Cockram) will provide the latest league information via a post within the ‘Valley Striders CC’ (Closed) Facebook group.

You can join any time during the year.

If you have any additional questions you can contact John via Facebook.


The Valley Striders Strava Segment League otherwise known as VS3L is a league of three divisions (with separate leagues for women, veterans and all riders).

Each Season comprises 6 fortnights and each fortnight is a competition over 2 Strava segments. Scoring is based on 10 points for the fastest for each segment in each division with points descending by 1 point down to 9th place who will score 2 points. All other riders from 10th place onwards will score 1 point.
Riders not riding will score 0 points.

At the end of each season the best 10 scores for each rider count and riders will be promoted or relagated depending on how well they’ve done. In the event of a tie the winner will be decided based on the number of best place finishes.

A post calling for nomination of segments for the next fortnight is made in the middle of the second week. Anyone can nominate a segment and the final choice is made by a vote in the VS3L Facebook group (each VS3L member has 2 votes). Segments must be safe (no right turns, blind bends etc.), avoid 20mph zones for flat or downhill segments, and be street-lit when GMT applies.
Valley Striders Strava Segment League

Grimpeur League

This league has been created for all those VSCC members who enjoy the agony and ecstasy of climbing. The competition will run between the beginning of April and the end of October. The concept is simple. Firstly complete as many of the Valley Strider climbing competition segments as you can. Ride all 20 in the season to become an esteemed “Valley Striders Grimpeur”. Secondly ride them as fast as you possibly can. The faster you ride the segment the more points you will collect. The rider with the most points at the end of season Will be awarded the valley striders “Grimpeur of the year” award. The climbs are all within 40 miles of North Leeds and will change from season to season.

To keep informed and to receive updates on the league tables, members should join the ‘VSCC Grimpeur Challenge’ (Closed) Facebook group and read the pinned post. Please click here

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