Before all rides with us, please run through to ensure you are fully prepared:

You should

  • be fit enough to ride the planned route
  • have consumed enough fluid and calories to complete the ride
  • have read the ride description (know how far and hilly the ride is)

You need

  • an undamaged helmet that fits properly
  • appropriate clothing for the weather conditions
  • a rain jacket (just in case)
  • lights and hi-visibility clothing (if light is poor)
  • cycling glasses/sunglasses
  • cycling shorts and shoes

Your Pockets/Saddlebag must have

  • spare inner tubes (you can mend punctures at home)
  • tyre levers
  • pump and/or Co2 canisters
  • multi-tool
  • chain-splitter (and powerlinks)
  • disposable gloves (to keep your hands clean while you fix mechanicals)
  • water bottle(s) to ensure you are properly hydrated
  • food/energy bars/gels to maintain energy levels
  • money (for café, or to get a taxi home if necessary)
  • mobile phone (charged)
  • emergency contact details (your VSCC membership card)
  • medication (if you require any)
  • sunscreen
  • first Aid Kit
  • café lock

You should have checked your bike

  • check the saddle is not loose
  • tyres are in good condition and inflated to the correct pressure
  • all nuts, bolts and fixings are tightened to the correct torque settings
  • have brakes which have been checked and working properly
  • gears are indexing correctly and chain is clean and lubricated