We have 4 set routes for our Winter Wednesday rides

The Whoosh, Shwoosh, Wiggle and Reverse Wiggle (Hammers is temporarily suspended due to the poor road surface on parts of the route). Each route has been risk assessed.


We all need a bike with mudguards from October onwards through to the end of March. They are mandatory on all VSCC rides between November & February regardless of weather conditions. On those (rare) days in October and March when we have good weather then mudguards will not be required but they will be expected in wet conditions. (If you have to ask, is it dry enough?.....it isn't!).
See Mudguards for more information.

Risk Assessed Routes

The advantages of having a small number or risk assessed routes arise from the routes being ridden regularly by a number of groups, which increases the awareness of long term and temporary hazards.
Whilst we want to limit the number of Winter routes, new, appropriately risk assessed routes can be submitted to the Leadership Team for consideration (as has happened previously with the Reverse Wiggle and more recently the Shwoosh).

Winter Wednesday Strava Routes

1. Whoosh

This route includes one full lap of the Whoosh circuit - you should complete as many laps of the Whoosh circuit as conditions/fitness/time allows before following the remainder of the route back to base
Each lap is 3.85 miles long and adds 215ft in elevation

VSCC Whoosh Risk Assessment
VSCC Whoosh (1 Whoosh Lap).gpx

2. Shwoosh (this is a route for B- and C groups only)

This route includes one full lap of the Shwoosh circuit starting from The Dexter
Each lap is 6.97 miles long and adds 342ft in elevation

VSCC Shwoosh Risk Assessment
VSCC Shwoosh.gpx

3. Wiggle

The traditional Wiggle

VSCC Wiggle Risk Assessment
VSCC Wiggle.gpx

4. Reverse Wiggle

The new kid on the block Wiggle

VSCC Wiggle Risk Assessment
VSCC Reverse Wiggle.gpx