What is Zwift?

Zwift is an online training app available on multiple platforms which puts the fun back into indoor cycling (other indoor cycling apps are available...). You can start follow a training program, do individual workouts, take part in races, enjoy social rides with friends (using something like Discord to chat), or just explore the different Zwift worlds on your own
For a good introduction see Cycling Weekly's Zwift: Everything you need to know about the online training and racing platform


We have are own Zwift group on Facebook which is is a great place to ask questions etc.: VSCC/Zwift (also see FAQs below)
The group is for all VSCC members (you may need to ask to join first)

What do I need?

There are many, many options, and the setup you end up with will depend on your starting point!
The majority of people use a smart trainer linked to the Zwift app running on a tablet/laptop/TV (via Apple TV) with the Zwift Companion app running on their phone.

(A smart trainer generally has a direct drive design, with a built in power meter and variable resistance. It measures your power output, then sends this data to Zwift to power your online avatar. The variable resistance on these trainers allows you to feel as if you're actually riding in the online world, so when you are going uphill on-screen the resistance increases, and when you are going downhill it decreases. You can try out Zwift on a dumb trainer as long as you have a way of measuring power (which is the way I started), but Zwift really comes into it's own with a smart trainer.)


  1. What are PowerUps? How do I use them?
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  2. How do I change my bike or wheels?
    See ZwiftInsider: How to Purchase Bike Frames and Wheels from Zwift’s Drop Shop
  3. How do I know what is the best bike or wheels to use?
    See ZwiftInsider: Fastest Bike Frames and Wheels at Each Zwift Level
  4. What Worlds are available in Zwift?
    Watopia is always available, plus 2 Guest Worlds chosen from France, Paris, London, Yorkshire, Innsbruck, Richmond, Makuuri Islands and New York
    See ZwiftInsider: Zwift Course Calendar – Current Guest World Schedule
  5. Why is it useful to know my FTP?
    See ZwiftInsider: All About FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and why it matters on Zwift
  6. What is ERG mode?
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  7. What Workouts are available on Zwift?
    See What's on Zwift?: Workouts and training plans on Zwift
  8. What events are available on Zwift?
    Group Rides, Races, Workouts etc.
    See ZwiftHacks: Zwift Events
  9. What is ZwiftPower?
    ZwiftPower is a separate website (now run by Zwift) which analyses previous races to ensure racers use the correct category for events
    See ZwiftInsider: How to Race on Zwift