Club Safety Guidelines

Valley Striders Cycling Club (VSCC) wants cyclists to get maximum enjoyment from their club rides whether high-paced race training or steady-paced social rides. All cyclists (both members & guests) do so at their own risk, but experience shows that adherence to the points laid out below will create a safer environment in which we can all enjoy our cycling. The rules and advice incorporate long-standing practices and will be familiar to experienced cyclists. Whilst they have been drawn up to help those who have never ridden in a group, we would like everyone to make a point of reading and following them. We have taken the opportunity to also include items of general advice that may help new or relatively inexperienced cyclists. Please read the attached linked document and print off as required.

Personal liability insurance (3rd Party) does not come with membership of VSCC, and while not a legal requirement, it is each member’s personal responsibility to ensure adequate protection in the event of a claim against you. The club does not mandate that each member has insurance, it is a personal decision, however we do strongly recommend individual membership of British Cycling (or British Triathlon Federation or Cycling UK). Your welcoming email when you joined the club includes this reminder as well as the insurance benefits of British Cycling membership.

Please read our Safety Guidelines and print off as required Click here.

Club Welfare Policy

The welfare policy attached below is primarily intended to develop a sense of awareness and guidance on child protection for all those involved in the Valley Striders Cycling Club. However, this policy is also concerned about the welfare of everyone at the club irrespective of age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion and political view. Everyone who is involved in the club is entitled to access an enjoyable and safe environment and to have the chance to experience the excitement, challenge and achievement inherent to the sport.”

Please read our Welfare document and print off as required Click here.

Risk Assessment

It goes without saying that looking out for one and other is very important and lies central to the ethos of the Valley Striders Cycling Club.

A Risk Assessment is an important step in protecting both our members and our Club as a whole. Every time we ride our bikes we are exposing ourselves to various risks and the Risk Assessment helps us to focus our minds on these risks and hopefully help to reduce them.

As previously stated the club is required to have in place a Risk Assessment in order to manage and hopefully reduce or even eliminate the risks. It is not expected that the club eliminates all risk, but we are required to protect people as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’.

Please read our Risk Assessment and print off as required Click here.