We all need a bike with mudguards from October onwards through to the end of March. They are mandatory on all VSCC rides between November & February regardless of weather conditions. On those (rare) days in October and March when we have good weather then mudguards will not be required but they will be expected in wet conditions. (If you have to ask, is it dry enough? isn't!).


We do not specify a mudguard type or length, or having a flap, but we do encourage you to consider fellow riders. The first image demonstrates the increasing benefit to the rider behind as the length of the guard increases.


We have VSCC top flaps available for £6 and occasionally Jon Moody runs flap fitting events (look out on Facebook for these, all fitting costs go to charity).

There are many ways you can lengthen your mudguard / raceblade e.g.

  1. Using two flaps may be better than one
  2. An SKS rubber mudguard extension is an alternative to a second flap
  3. A plastic bottle can make be used to extend a flap
  4. With a raceblade, you can slide the mudguard through the clamps so it is closer to ground